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UNSW Bookshop stocks over 20,000 titles at any one time. You can search our database for any of these titles and hundreds of thousands more.

If we don't list what you're looking for, please email us, with whatever details you have for the book, and we'll track it down for you.

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Use up to THREE keywords of three or more letters each. Numbers currently cannot be used in searches.


Use only first few words or letters of the title for best results. Avoid using "The" at the start of a title. Title searches are alphabetic.


Use the authors last name only. Author searches are alphabetic so you may use only part of the name such as Pat for Patterson, Patrick, etc.


The symbol * substitutes for any number of letters. ie fo* will produce form, ford, force, etc.

A ? substitutes for a single letter. ie fo?d will produce fold, ford etc.

Note: Searches are not CAse SeNsitIVE.