The Sustainable Tall Building A Design Primer

Title:   The Sustainable Tall Building A Design Primer
Author:   Oldfield P
Publisher:   Routledge Edition:   Binding:
APN:   9781138905948 or ISBN(1138905941)
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What factors can inform and inspire the design of a tall building? What are the design options and implications in terms of architectural organisation of form and core? How can a tall building design respond to the cultural and social characteristics of a region? How can a tall building achieve a sustainable design? This design primer answers these questions and more, by exploring the architectural design opportunities and strategic decisions available to the designer. Aimed at those architects new to the typology, the book balances practical issues with the vision and cutting edge thinking that is developing in the field. Innovation is provided by not only considering environmental and energy performance, but the broader context of sustainability including urban integration, cultural identity, social sustainability and sustainable materials. This resource informs and inspires the reader in respect to the fundamental considerations necessary when creating sustainable tall buildings.

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