Title:   Australian Students Guide to Writing & Grammar
Author:   Duffy Claire
Publisher:   UNSW Press NewSouth
Binding:   Paperback
Edition:   2019
APN:   9781742236001 or ISBN(1742236006)
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Age range 12+

Doyou ever think about the structure and arrangement of what you say and write?And why it's said and written like that and not some other how?

Has anyone ever asked you to catch ared big ball? No. Because in English we would say 'big red ball'. Why is that? After the success of her bestselling TheAustralian Schoolkids' Guide to Debating and Public Speaking, Claire Duffyturns her hand to helping students write well. In this easy-to-use and funguide to writing and grammar, children (aged 12+), their parents and teacherswill learn all they need to know about the elements of grammar, punctuation,spelling and sentence construction. With practical tips and helpfulstep-by-step examples, this book will help students master everything fromapostrophes to essay writing.

'Any mention of grammar, punctuation and spelling can make students take fright. This clear and cheerful guide makes writing easy and will soothe any fear or dread.'– Sue Butler AO, former editor of Macquarie Dictionary