Title:   Mawng Dictionary
Author:   Singer Ruth
Publisher:   Aboriginal Studies Press
Binding:   Hardback
Edition:   2021
APN:   9781925302707 or ISBN(1925302709)
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Mawng is a language of western Arnhem Land. It is the main language of Warruwi community and is spoken by all generations. Mawng is associated with the islands Warruwi and Weyirra (North and South Goulburn Islands) and an area of the mainland near the islands. The Mawng Dictionary is the most comprehensive ever published. It contains information about plants and animals, cultural practices, place names, and kinship terms, including tri-relational kunteypi terms. There is an introduction to Mawng with explanations of the spelling system and kinship. It includes many illustrations, an English word finder, and lists of kinship terms, verb roots and scientific names for plants and animals.