Information for Lecturers - Course Materials for purchase by students in the UNSW Bookshop


If you'd like to have your Course Materials / Study Kit / Course Reader / Course Manual available for sale at the UNSW Bookshop please send us an email -, or phone x56622 .


We can accept hard-copy submissions or digital. In most cases we have copies of previous year's digital files, so can print this content again (with a new cover) if there are no content changes.


Standard print turnaround time is 5 working days, from approval of artwork. Please keep in mind that digital files are the quickest way to get the materials to print.


If you submit hard copy, we will need to organise scanning and the creation of a digital file, which will take extra time, and adds to the price students will need to pay.


Please note that the materials are cheapest for students if printed in black, on white recycled paper, and staple-bound. Colour printing, colour paper, binders, special binding and plastic shrinkwrap add to the cost, and increase the print turnaround time.


If you have Moodle content that students are printing at their own expense, it's likely that a course reader will be cheaper for them, because of the efficient printing of the UNSW GreenPrint facility. If you think some students would like to print this way, send us the files, and we'll organise a print run.


Schools don't pay for the printing of the materials, unless you need more than the normal two desk copies. Please include your UNSW cost centre if you'd like more than 2 copies for school use.


When submitting your materials - please complete this form and drop them into the Bookshop, or email to


UNSW Bookshop is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Closed on Public Holidays.