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Rope - A History of the Hanged

This is a short history of the hanged criminal and political cases, the guilty and the wrongly accused.  The book covers a multitude of hangings including mass hangings like the Salem Witch Trials and the Nuremburg Trials, botched executions like that of Eva Dugan and the hanging of innocents.


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The Lynching

The Lynching is the powerful, spellbinding true story of a brutal race-based killing in 1981 and the dramatic two trials during which the United Klans of America, the largest and most dangerous Klan organization in America, is exposed for the evil it represents.  The Lynching is a suspenseful true story that takes us into the heart of darkness, but in the end shows that Michael Donald and other civil rights martyrs did not die in vain

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Heroes of the Frontier

A captivating and hilarious novel of family, loss, and the curse of a violent America, Heroes of the Frontier is a powerful examination of contemporary life and a rousing story of adventure.



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My Old Man - Tales of Our Fathers

In this carefully curated collection, a dazzling list of contributors - including Florence Welch, Paul Weller, the sons and daughters of Ian Dury, Johnny Ball, Roy Castle, Leonard Cohen and many others - open up, some for the first time, about their paternal experiences.



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Five Years Ago Nick Sherry, the then small business minister made a prediction that Bookshops would be extinct.

Listen here to hear author Nick Earls speak about this, on ABC 612 Brisbane.



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30th August

Gestures of Testimony @ The White House


September 20th

Michelle Cahill in conversation with Ouyang Yu

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September 20th

Ruben Meerman - Big Fat Myths

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