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The Tao of Bill Murray

People love Bill Murray movies, but even more, they love crazy stories about Bill Murray out in the world. The most popular Bill Murray story of all time (which he will neither confirm nor deny): on a crowded street, he puts his hands over a stranger's eyes from behind and says "Guess who?" When he lifts his hands to reveal his identity as Bill Murray, he tells the gobsmacked stranger, "No one will ever believe you.".


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The Comedy of Rage

The first critical biography of Jonathan Franzen, exploring the trajectory of his career and the intersections of his life and work.

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The Word Detective

Language is always changing. John Simpson animates for us a tradition of researching and editing, showing us both the technical lexicography needed to understand a word, and the careful poetry needed to construct its definition.



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Populate & Perish

The freshest writing to come out of Melbourne since Christos Tsiolkas' Loaded. Nick is treading water. No boyfriend. No career. Living in a granny flat in Coburg. On a whim he decides to travel with his twin sister, Amira, to Lebanon in search of their estranged father. Their mother, who has passed away a couple of years earlier, only ever referred to their father as the kalb - the dog - they know next to nothing about him. In Beirut Nick and Amira find family,a sense of belonging and surprising answers to questions they hadn't known to ask.

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Another Award for UNSW

UNSW has been awarded Campus Bookshop of the Year 2016, by the Australian Publishers Association, and we're pretty happy about that.

Another award for UNSW, another reason why it's great to study at UNSW