Title:   CDC Field Epidemiology Manual
Author:   Rasmussen & Goodman (eds)
Publisher:   Oxford University Press
APN:   9780190624248 or ISBN(0190624248)
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The definitive guide to field investigations of disease outbreaks and other acute public health events, assembled and curated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Codifies foundational and updated principles of CDC's Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) training in field epidemiology, applying them to investigations in local, state, national, and international settings

Recommendations and guidance for using new tools in field investigations, including GIS

Practical guidance for conducting investigations of major types of problems and in multiple settings, including outbreaks of violence, suicide, and other forms of injury; multinational outbreaks; outbreaks in healthcare and community-care settings; and environmental exposures

Case-study examples of lessons learned from recent field investigations

Written in an easy-to-read format and enriched with boxes and bulleted points to optimize utility for investigators in the field

An essential resource for epidemiologists and other health professionals working in local, state, national, and international settings

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