Writers as Readers A Celebration of Virago Modern Classics

Title:   Writers as Readers A Celebration of Virago Modern Classics
Author:   Various
Publisher:   ABACUS Edition:  2018 Binding: Hardback
APN:   9780349008622 or ISBN(0349008620)
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Writers as Readers is a celebration of forty years of the Virago Modern Classics list. Started in 1978, Virago Modern Classics is dedicated to the rediscovery and championing of women writers, challenging the often narrow definition of 'classic'.

In this collection, forty of the most significant writers of the past century tell us about one of their favourite writers by introducing books from the Virago Modern Classics collection, offering a glimpse at the treasures that have been published over the past four decades: they may be great works of literature; they may be wonderful period pieces; they may reveal particular aspects of women's lives; they may be classics of comedy, storytelling, diary-writing or autobiography.

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