Title:   Chans Practical Geriatrics 4e
Author:   Chan Daniel Yam Yin
Publisher:   Daniel Chan
Edition:   4e21
APN:   9780646465968 or ISBN(0646465961)
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Fourth edition, published in June 2021.

The assessment and management of elderly patients is often dreaded by Junior Medical Staff and General Practitioners. The complex nature of many geriatric syndromes and the limited time for consultations or review often means it is difficult to assess the older patients thoroughly.

This practical book of geriatric medicine is meant to make life a little easier for busy General Practitioners and Junior Medical Staff. It is problem orientated, in the format of history taking, examination, investigation and management, which is the cornerstone we generally approach patients. It is also succinct, summarising common problems and avoiding unnecessary details or uncommon diseases making it a good companion for busy practitioners.

Junior Medical Staff who are preparing for their physician's examination may find this book helpful in dealing with complex geriatric issues, which may occur during long cases. Senior medical students doing geriatrics may too find this book useful, especially if they are confronted with clinical geriatric viva but some basic theoretical knowledge is assumed.

The updated 4th edition includes the addition of a new chapter on Frailty. Multiple scenarios have also been added as illustrations.

Extract from Chapters 7 and 12

Chapter Titles:

Part One: The Background and the basics
1. Aged care services
Daniel KY Chan
2. Comprehensive Geriatric assessment
CK Lee/Daniel KY Chan/Bin Ong
3. Common investigations interpretations and pitfalls
Daniel KY Chan

Part Two: Complex Geriatric Syndromes
4. Delirium
Daniel KY Chan
5. Dementia
Philip Poi/Daniel KY Chan
6. Depression
Brian Draper/Daniel KY Chan
7. Falls
Daniel KY Chan/Duncan Forsyth/Philip Poi
8. Syncope
Daniel KY Chan
9. Parkinsons disease and its differential diagnoses
Daniel KY Chan/Duncan Forsyth
10. Urinary incontinence
Duncan Forsyth/Daniel KY Chan/Bin Ong
11. Polypharmacy and adverse drug reaction
Daniel KY Chan/Bin Ong/Dennis Chang
12. Frailty
Daniel KY Chan/Roman Romero-Ortuno

Part Three: Common Geriatric Diseases
13. Common cardiovascular diseases
13.1 Hypertension
Emerald Ong/Daniel KY Chan
13.2 Postural hypotension
Emerald Ong/Daniel KY Chan
13.3 Heart failure
Emerald Ong/Daniel KY Chan
13.4 Ischaemic heart disease
Daniel KY Chan
13.5 Atrial fibrillation
Daniel KY Chan
14.Common infections
14.1 Common respiratory infections
Daniel KY Chan/Chung Ming Chu
14.2 Urinary tract infection
Daniel KY Chan
14.3 Cellulitis
Daniel KY Chan/Bin Ong
15. Stroke: diagnosis, medical management and rehabilitation
Dennis Cordato/ Daniel KY Chan/Chris Levi/Andrew Cole/Fintan ORourke
16. Common endocrine disorders
16.1 Diabetes
Daniel KY Chan/Huong Van Nguyen
16.2 Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism
Daniel KY Chan/ Huong Van Nguyen
17. Common rheumatological disorders
17.1 Osteoporosis, fractures and rehabilitation
Daniel KY Chan/Huong Van Nguyen/Andrew Cole/Ciaran Upton
17.2 Osteoarthritis
Daniel KY Chan
17.3 Other rheumatological disorders
Daniel KY Chan
18. Sensory organs
18.1 Eye disorders
Daniel KY Chan/Minas Coroneo
18.2 Hearing disorders
Daniel KY Chan

Part Four: Common Geriatric Problems and Issues
19. Pressure sores
Daniel KY Chan/ Emerald Ong/Jeffrey Rowland
20. Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism
Bin Ong/Daniel KY Chan
21. Constipation
James KH Luk/Rex Hui/Axel Hsu/Man-Fung Yuen/Daniel KY Chan
22. Nutrition
CK Lee/Daniel KY Chan/Jan Potter
23. Insomnia
Daniel KY Chan
24. Aspiration pneumonia
Daniel KY Chan/ James KH Luk
25. Pain
James Low/Daniel KY Chan
26. End of life care
James Low/Daniel KY Chan
27. Conflicts and complaints
Daniel KY Chan/Fintan ORourke/Bin Ong
28. Mental Capacity
Daniel KY Chan/Carmelle Peisah

Part Five: Index