Title:   Fugitive Books - The U Committee's Book Fair 1968 - 2012
Author:   Campbell R
Publisher:   UNSW ARCHIVES
APN:   9780733434679 or ISBN(0733434673)
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Book will be released on 6th August 2014

The UNSW Book Fair reigned for over forty years as Sydney's biggest, best-organised and brightest second-hand book sale. Begun in 1968 during a moment of great optimism for bookselling and publishing, it closed in 2012, at a time of uncertainty over the future of books and libraries. The Book Fair was was founded, organised and run by the U Committee, a group of volunteer women who fundraised for a diversity of projects at UNSW. It was their largest, most demanding, and most financially rewarding fundraising activity - and the one whith which they became most identified.

This book tells the story of that Book Fair, as well as of the significant contribution to enriching this university's cultural, intellectual and social life made by the U Committee and the Wives Group. It explores the motivations and influences behind the voluntary work of these women in a tale that encompasses motifs of internationalism, of aspiration and hope, of sociability and service.