Title:   Thinking Stories 1
Author:   Cam Philip
Publisher:   Hale & Iremonger
Binding:   Paperback
APN:   9780868064826 or ISBN(0868064823)
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Philosophy taps children's natural curiosity and sense of wonder. It engages them in the search for meaning, enriching and extending their understanding. It strengthens thinking and reasoning skills, builds self-esteem and helps to develop the qualities that make for good judgement in everyday life.
As well as being a book of philosophical inquiriy, Thinking Stories 1 is a collection of stories for children 8 to 12 years old to enjoy with their parents and teachers.
The stories encourage children to raise questions about topics such as the nature of truth, goodness and beauty, of fairness and friendship; to discuss the experience of time and change; and to examine our relationship with the environment. The stories invite children to question, to see consequences and assumptions, to use criteria and to explore different points of view.