Title:   Global Application of Prescribed Fire
Author:   Weir John R
Publisher:   CSIRO Publishing
APN:   9781486312481 or ISBN(1486312489)
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Global Application of Prescribed Fire provides a first-hand perspective of the various methods and ways people around the world view and use prescribed fire. It covers the logistics, constraints and social dynamics surrounding the intentional use and application of fire by humans, and demonstrates how, why, when and where prescribed fire is used in different regions. Written by international experts, the book has four key objectives: explore new techniques, ideas and thoughts on how to apply prescribed fire from a global perspective; provide regional case studies covering issues that may constrain or enhance prescribed fire projects; stimulate cross-cultural conversations about how fires function in ecosystems; and relate prescribed fire to wildfire regimes with implications for protecting life and property, as well as sustaining local fire cultures and unique fire-dependent flora and fauna. Global Application of Prescribed Fire enhances our understanding and knowledge about the application of prescribed fire. This comprehensive book will provide fire practitioners, researchers, agencies and policymakers with key ecological and managerial insight of how prescribed fires are conducted around the globe.