Title:   Let's Get Glowing!: Revealing the Science of Radioactivity with Nuclear Physics
Author:   Ferrie, Chris
Publisher:   Sourcebooks
Binding:   Hardback
APN:   9781492680666 or ISBN(1492680664)
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Age range 5 to 9Red Kangaroo notices a radioactive sign and knows she's supposed to stay away. Anything with radioactivity is bad for you...right? Dr. Chris surprises Red Kangaroo when he tells her everything in the world is radioactive – even us! Jump into the latest book from the #1 science author for kids and learn all about the physics of radioactivity and radioactive decay.In this new series, Chris Ferrie answers all the questions Red Kangaroo has for him about what things are made of and how things work using real-world and practical examples. Young readers will have a firm grasp of scientific and mathematical concepts to help answer many of the "why" questions they may have.