Engineered Repairs of Composite Structures

Title:   Engineered Repairs of Composite Structures
Author:   Heslehurst R
Publisher:   CRC Press Edition:   Binding:
APN:   9781498726269 or ISBN(1498726267)
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Engineered Repairs of Composite Structures provides a detailed discussion, analysis, and procedure for effective and efficient repair design of advanced composite structures. It discusses the identification of damage types and the effect on structural integrity in composite structures, leading to the design of a repair scheme that focusses on the restoration of the structural integrity and damage tolerance.

This book teaches the reader to better understand effective and efficient repair design, allowing for more structurally effective repairs of damaged composite structures. It also discusses the application of the repair and what is needed in the forming of the composite repair to meet the engineering design requirements.
Aimed materials engineers, mechanical engineers, aerospace engineers, and civil engineers, this practical work is a must have for any industry professional working with composite structures

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