Title:   Challenging nuclearism: Humanitarianism and reshaping the global nuclear order
Author:   Hanson, Marianne
Publisher:   Manchester Uni Press
Binding:   Hardback
APN:   9781526165091 or ISBN(1526165090)
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An analysis of how nuclear weapons states have been able to create a normalisation' of nuclear weapons by practising elements of nuclearism'.

Challenging nuclearism explores how a deliberate normalisation' of nuclear weapons has been constructed, why it has prevailed in international politics for over 70 years, and why only now this normalisation is being questioned seriously. The book identifies how certain practices have enabled a small group of states to hold vast arsenals of these weapons of mass destruction, and how the close control over nuclear decisions by a select group has meant that the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons have been disregarded for decades.

The recent UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons will not bring about quick disarmament. It has been decried by the nuclear weapon states. But by rejecting nuclearism and providing a clear denunciation of nuclear weapons, it will challenge nuclear states in a way that has until now not been possible. Challenging nuclearism analyses the origins and repercussions of this pivotal moment in nuclear politics.