Title:   Openhole Log Analysis and Formation Evaluation 2e
Author:   Bateman R
Edition:   2e12
APN:   9781613991565 or ISBN(1613991568)
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Since the first edition of Openhole Log Analysis and Formation Evaluation was published in 1985, the science and art of formation evaluation has seen many innovations. Measurements of formation resistivity have advanced, advances have been made in the design of sonic tools and in the processing of their recorded signals, and new methods of looking at the distribution of pore sizes, their fluid content, and formation flow potential have come into wide use.

This revised and updated edition will prepare the reader for a fuller understanding of modern formation evaluation data-gathering methods, as well as illuminate advanced analysis techniques. The book is divided into sections that address a number of formation evaluation themes, including Methods of Gathering Formation Evaluation Data, Methods of Analysis and Application of Results, Openhole Logging Measurements, Analysis of Logs and Cores, and Formation Testing.

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