In Two Minds Tales of a Psychotherapist

Title:   In Two Minds Tales of a Psychotherapist
Author:   Valent Paul
Publisher:   UNSW Press NewSouth Edition:  2009 Binding: Paperback
APN:   9781742230139 or ISBN(174223013X)
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Paul Valent, retired medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and traumatologist, describes the struggles and discoveries in his varied four-decade career. Each chapter offers a glimpse into the psychotherapeutic encounter, from the authors field work with survivors of the Ash Wednesday bushfires, to the private challenges of unearthing childhood trauma in a sex offender.

Through the fascinating stories of his work with patients and the examination of his own life story as a Holocaust survivor, Valent articulates and grapples with ubiquitous human issues such as morality, trauma, illness and death.

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