Title:   Climate Action A Campaign Manual for Greenhouse Solutions
Author:   Diesendorf
Publisher:   UNSW Press NewSouth
Binding:   Paperback
Edition:   2009
APN:   9781742230184 or ISBN(1742230180)
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In the USA, social movements succeeded in stopping 59 proposals to build new conventional (dirty) coal-fired power stations. In the UK, there was an extended campaign to stop the expansion of Heathrow airport, primarily on the grounds of the greenhouse gas emissions from increased flights. Responding to this global epidemic, Climate Action is a campaign manual that draws upon positive case studies of successful grass-roots social movements from the last few decades, and presents a menu of strategies for activists and citizens who want to pressure governments and businesses to create a framework for big and rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Dr Mark Diesendorf is Deputy Director of the Institute of Environmental Studies at UNSW, Sydney. Previously he was Professor of Environmental Science at the University of Technology Sydney and a Principal Research Scientist in CSIRO, Australiaís national scientific research organisation. His work in community and professional groups included being President of the original Australasian Wind Energy Association, Coordinator of the Australian Conservation Foundationís Climate Change Program, President of the Australia New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics and active membership of several other NGOs devoted to environment, health, renewable energy, appropriate technology and peace. He is author of Greenhouse Solutions with Sustainable Energy (UNSW, 2007).