Zombie Tits Astronaut Fish & Other Weird Animals

Title:   Zombie Tits Astronaut Fish & Other Weird Animals
Author:   Crew Becky
Publisher:   UNSW Press NewSouth Edition:   Binding: Paperback
APN:   9781742233215 or ISBN(174223321X)
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Did you know that the peacock mantis shrimp has the most powerful punch on Earth? That vampire spiders are attracted to your smelly socks? That the lesser water boatman is the loudest animal in the world and its instrument is its own penis? Or that concave-eared frogs have a secret language that only males can hear? From the mother-eating black-lace weaver spiders to Texas horned lizards that can shoot jets of poisonous blood from their eyes, this book from fearless science blogger Becky Crew will introduce you to a menagerie of the world’s weirdest animals.

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