Title:   Alice Springs
Author:   Hogan Eleanor
Publisher:   UNSW Press NewSouth
Binding:   Hardcover BIC
Edition:   1e12
APN:   9781742233253 or ISBN(1742233252)
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Alice Springs, Alice, The Alice, Mparntwe is the most talked about but least familiar place in Australia. It is a town of extremes and contradictions: searingly hot and bitterly cold, thousands of miles from anywhere, the heart of black Australia and the headquarters of the controversial NT Intervention.
Itís seen as a place where blokes are blokes, yet the town has a high lesbian population. It is the gateway to the red centre, but relatively few Australians have been there. Its striking landscape and modern facilities attract those looking for a desert change, yet it is a town where frontier conflicts still hold sway. Eleanor Hoganís Alice Springs reveals the texture of everyday life in this town through the passage of the local seasons.