Title:   Steel Designers Handbook 8ed
Author:   Gorenc Branko E
Publisher:   UNSW Press NewSouth
Binding:   Paperback
Edition:   8e12
APN:   9781742233413 or ISBN(1742233414)
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The Revised 8th Edition of Steel Designersí Handbook is an invaluable tool for all practising structural, civil and mechanical engineers as well as engineering students at university and TAFE in Australia and New Zealand. It has been prepared in response to changes in the design Standard AS 4100, the structural Design Actions Standards, AS /ANZ 1170, other processing Standards such as welding and coatings, updated research as well as feedback from users. This edition is based on Australian Standard (AS) 4100: 1998 and subsequent amendments. The worked numerical examples in the book have been extensively revised with further examples added. The worked examples are cross-referenced to the relevant clauses in AS 4100: 1998

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