Trading Nation Advancing Australias Interests in World      Markets

Title:   Trading Nation Advancing Australias Interests in World Markets
Author:   Adams Brown & Wickes
Publisher:   UNSW Press NewSouth Edition:   Binding: Paperback
APN:   9781742234014 or ISBN(1742234011)
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From wool and gold to minerals, manufacturing and services, Trading Nation examines the history of Australia's trade since Federation and tackles questions which are central to our future:
  • How can trade policy address our faltering productivity performance and lift our standards?
  • What value can be salvaged from Doha Round of multilateral trade negotiations?
  • What can we expect from new free trade agreements?
  • Is there more we can do to expand trade with Europe, India and Latin America?

    "Trading Nation lucidly lays out the dimensions of trade policy settings and trends. It is informative and easy to follow. The emphasis on domestic economic reform, if Australia is to remain a successful trading nation, is spot on."

    Tim Fischer AC

    Former Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Trade

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