Title:   Basser Philip Baxter & Goldstein The Kensington Colleges
Author:   Scobie Claire
Publisher:   UNSW Press NewSouth
APN:   9781742234113 or ISBN(1742234119)
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The Kensington Colleges are an important part of the life and soul of the University of New South Wales. Formed in 1959 through generous bequests, Basser, Philip Baxter and Goldstein colleges have played a vital role in the lives of over 10 000 residents. Many early residents came to the colleges through the Colombo Plan and have since taken on leadership roles throughout Asia, while many others have come from rural Australia to find a varied and successful life on campus.

In this book Claire Scobie tells the stories behind each colleges culture, support network, social life and many achievements, and discovers why past and present residents are so loyal to their college

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