Title:   A Charter of Rights for Australia 4e
Author:   Williams & Reynolds
Publisher:   UNSW Press NewSouth
Edition:   4e17
APN:   9781742235431 or ISBN(1742235433)
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Australia does not have a bill or charter of rights, which means there is no comprehensive law that enshrines human rights in Australia even though these laws are standard in the rest of the developed world. So what does this mean for the rights of Australian citizens?

In this fully revised fourth edition of A Charter of Rights for Australia, George Williams and Daniel Reynolds show that human rights are not adequately protected in Australia, contrary to what many of us think. Using some pressing examples, they demonstrate how the rights of people at the margins of our society are violated in often shocking ways.

Several states and territories have adopted their own charters of rights, or have a charter well underway. This books argument that the time has come to adopt a charter at the federal level is more urgent than ever.

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