Title:   Sydney A biography
Author:   Nowra Louis
Publisher:   UNSW Press NewSouth
Binding:   Paperback
APN:   9781742235929 or ISBN(1742235921)
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Yes, Sydney can be vulgar, corrupt, facile, ugly, brash and mindlessly hedonistic, but it is also visually beautiful, sensual, playful, dynamic, with a sense of unrestrained optimism. I fell in love with it as only someone who wasnt born there could.

In Sydney, acclaimed playwright and writer Louis Nowra author of Kings Cross and Woolloomooloo expands his gaze to explore the dynamism and pulsating sense of self-importance of his adopted city. This big, bustling portrait of Sydney is told through profiles of people high and low - a cast of criminals and premiers, ordinary folk, entertainers, artists, writers, thieves and visionaries.

Along with its people, Nowra surveys the citys landscape, its architecture and its global identity. And as Sydneys history unfolds throughout the twentieth century and beyond, Nowra revels in its neon lights, music, skyscrapers, sense of optimism and the many disparate elements that shape Sydneysiders view of themselves.

Nowra captures the everchanging spirit of what is arguably to most, and inarguably to Nowra - Australias pre-eminent city. - BOOKS+PUBLISHING