Title:   The Future of Us Demography gets a makeover
Author:   Allen Liz
Publisher:   UNSW Press NewSouth
Binding:   Paperback
Edition:   2020
APN:   9781742236506 or ISBN(1742236502)
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By tracing connections between a populations past and present, demographers can foresee its future. The true wonder of demography, though, is not its ability to predict the future but to shape it. With energy and passion, demographer Liz Allen sets out the potential paths to make Australia better.

Bold, fearless and revealing,The Future of Usdoes more than help you find your inner statistician. Looking beyond births, deaths and marriages, Allen takes apart inequality, migration, tax and home ownership. She also dissects how the word population became so charged, daring to ask what Australia might look like in 20 years if we had zero immigration.

The Future of Us gives demography a makeover and sets out future possibilities for a better us just like a Choose Your Own Adventure, but for the nation.