Title:   Flames of Extinction : The Race to Save Australias Threatened Wildlife
Author:   Pickrell John
Publisher:   UNSW Press NewSouth
Binding:   Paperback
APN:   9781742237169 or ISBN(1742237169)
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Scientists estimate more than three billion native animals were killed or displaced during Australias Black Summer bushfire season. Many species the koala, regent honeyeater, glossy black-cockatoo, platypus are inching towards extinction at the hands of mega-blazes and the changing climate behind them.

In Flames of Extinction, award-winning science writer John Pickrell investigates the effects of the 20192020 bushfires on Australian wildlife and ecosystems. Journeying across the firegrounds, Pickrell explores the stories of creatures that escaped the flames, the wildlife workers who rescued them, and the conservationists, land managers, Aboriginal rangers, ecologists and firefighters on the frontline of the climate catastrophe. He also reveals the radical new conservation methods being trialled to save as many species as possible from the very precipice of extinction.

A carefully researched and deeply empathetic portrayal of the battle to save Australias precious wildlife as we cook our planet. Fascinating and essential. Gaia Vince, author of Adventures In the Anthropocene

Powerful and compelling, Flames of Extinction should be read by all who cherish life on Earth. - Professor Chris Dickman, University of Sydney

The story of Australias devastating holocaust and how we must stop it happening again. Its up to us. -Robyn Williams