Title:   Boundary Crossers: The hidden history of Australia's other bushrangers
Author:   Foster, Meg
Publisher:   UNSW Press NewSouth
Binding:   Paperback
APN:   9781742237527 or ISBN(1742237525)
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Bushrangers are Australian legends. Ned Kelly, Ben Hall, Captain Thunderbolt and their bushranging brothers are famous. Theyre remembered as folk heroes and celebrated for their bravery and their ridicule of inept and corrupt authorities. But not all Australian bushrangers were white men. And not all were seen in this glowing light in their own time.

In Boundary Crossers, historian Meg Foster reveals the stories of bushrangers who didnt fit the mould. African-American man Black Douglas, who was seen as the terror of the Victorian goldfields, Sam Poo, known as Australias only Chinese bushranger, Aboriginal man Jimmy Governor, who was renowned as a mass murderer, and Captain Thunderbolts partner, Aboriginal woman Mary Ann Bugg, whose extraordinary exploits extended well beyond her time as the Captains Lady.

All lived remarkable lives that were far more significant, rich and complex than history books have led us to believe.

Full of intriguing detail, colourful stories and challenging ideas, Boundary Crossers offers new context for some of Australias great central legends. - Alan Atkinson