Title:   Cast Mates
Author:   Twyford-Moore, Sam
Publisher:   UNSW Press NewSouth
Binding:   Paperback
Edition:   2023
APN:   9781742237541 or ISBN(1742237541)
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Cast Mates is a group biography of Australian acting giants across the ages.

Australia has a long cinema history — starting with the worlds first feature film, The Story of the Kelly Gang, made in Melbourne and released in 1906. Today, much of Australias film talent goes to the United States, looking for bigger and more lucrative opportunities. But what does this mean for the history and future of Australian cinema?

The larger-than-life personalities that form the heart of this book Errol Flynn, Peter Finch, David Gulpilil and Nicole Kidman have dominated cinema screens both locally and internationally and starred in some of the biggest films of their eras including The Adventures of Robin Hood, Network, Crocodile Dundee and Eyes Wide Shut among others.

From the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 1930s to the streaming wars of today, the lives of these four actors, and their many cast mates, tell a story of how a nations cinema was founded, then faltered, before finding itself again.

Wry, erudite, engrossing, Cast Mates is a red-carpet ride from home to Hollywood. — Briohny Doyle

More than a story of colourful characters and famous faces, and more than a history of the movies, Cast Mates is an illuminating and entertaining portrait of the relationship between Australia and the United States. — Dan Golding

Passionate, opinionated, political, this journey through Australias iconic stars is meticulously researched and absolutely enthralling. For lovers of Australian cinema this is a must-read! — Margaret Pomeranz

Cast Mates feels like the best kind of conversation in the cinema foyer: astute, sharp-witted, and deliciously dishy, excavating the sordid and startling tales of film history in a country which has long seemed embarrassed of its screen. — Michael Sun

'Cast Mates will appeal to readers interested in new cultural histories of Australian cinema.' — Dr Michael Kitson, Books+Publishing

'Theres just too much good stuff here to recall at one reading.' — Charles Wooley, The Australian