Title:   Sydney Harbour A History, new edition
Author:   Hoskins Ian
Publisher:   UNSW Press NewSouth
Binding:   Paperback
Edition:   2022
APN:   9781742237794 or ISBN(1742237797)
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Sydney Harbour has been a defining feature for the people who have lived around it for millennia: a means of communication, a barrier, a resource to be exploited, a site of commerce and trade, and a place of beauty, spirit and meaning.

In this sweeping history of one of the worlds most recognisable landscapes, award-winning historian Ian Hoskins explores the story of this famous waterway, from its importance to the Gameragal and Gadigal people to highly charged contemporary debates about the future of the working harbour and the ownership of its foreshores.

A beautifully written and compelling book, this new edition of Sydney Harbour surveys the interactions between the glittering harbour and the people who have fished it, sailed on it, built at its edges, fought for it, portrayed it and marvelled at it.

An innovative history of Sydney HarbourIan Hoskins brings into view a many-sided picture of the harbour over time. A delight to read. - Peter Cochrane
A detailed and beautifully written historyIf you love Sydney Harbour, then this is an evocative celebration. - Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald

In this superbly illustrated history of Sydney Harbour, Hoskins explores the fascinating story of one of the worlds more recognised waterwaysa fine history, an excellent read. - Ross Fitzgerald, Spectator Australia