Title:   Breaking the Boss Bias
Author:   Catherine Fox
Publisher:   UNSW Press NewSouth
Binding:   Paperback
APN:   9781742238197 or ISBN(174223819X)
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Despite the surge of women into education, jobs and sitting in Federal parliament, why are men still overwhelmingly running the show?

Fewer women are running governments, the small proportion who make it as CEO has barely budged, and the major culprit is right under our noses. Entrenched gender bias about who should be the boss means leadership is mainly seen as a masculine endeavour. And no matter how well qualified and experienced, women continue to be underestimated and face an obstacle course of sexism to get to the decision-making table.

In Breaking the Boss Bias, Catherine Fox sounds the alarm. She argues that toxic sexism woven through processes, beliefs, management, education and leadership norms is keeping privileged men in power, making decisions for us all.

It's time for a new way to lead and to unlock the talent being wasted from boss bias.

Forensically researched, tightly argued, suffused withFoxs trademark wit, Breaking the Boss Bias presents a compellingcase for more women leaders and asksthe question why are they still so rare? —Jane Caro

What a wake-up call! We are moving backwards on gender, andthe stats for women who come from diverse backgrounds arestaggering. This is compulsory reading for all leaders.— Shirley Chowdhary

No matter what they do or how high they fly, most women knowwhat it feels like to be ignored or left out of decision-making.Instead of being fobbed off with excuses, this important andpractical book outlines why it happensand what we can all do about it.
— Melissa Doyle AM

This book isnt just about women but about buildinga better future for everyone. A powerful and importantbook for our times and must-read for all leaders.Kirstin Ferguson AM

This meticulously researched case for change is exactlywhat we need to move us from incrementally playingaround the edges to sustainable, systemic progresstowards gender equality in leadership.— Michelle Ryan

Catherine cuts through the crippling stereotypes, exposesbacklash and bias, delivers disruption and serves up seven stepsfor real change. She has proven to be Australias corporate genderequality whisperer.— Natasha Stott Despoja AO