Title:   The Permanent Resident
Author:   Gonsalves Roanna
Publisher:   Uni Western Australia Pub
Binding:   Paperback
Edition:   2016
APN:   9781742589022 or ISBN(1742589022)
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A woman who canít swim wades into a suburban pool.
An Indian family sits down to an Australian Christmas dinner.
A single motherís offer to coach her sonís soccer team leads to an unexpected encounter.
A recent migrant considers taking the fall for a second generation Ďfriendí.
A wife refuses to let her husband look at her phone.
An international student gets off a train at night.

Roanna Gonsalvesí short stories unearth the aspirations, ambivalence and guilt laced through the lives of 21st century immigrants, steering through clashes of cultures, trials of faith, and squalls of racism. Sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes playful, they cut to the truth of what it means to be a modern outsider.