Title:   2022 Reckoning with Power and Privilege
Author:   The Conversation
Publisher:   Thames & Hudson
Binding:   Paperback
Edition:   2022
APN:   9781760762995 or ISBN(1760762997)
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Australian voters ousting a nine-year-old Coalition government. A step towards instituting a First Nations Voice to Parliament. Entrenched structures of authority have been challenged at home and around the world this year.

2022: Reckoning With Power and Privilege is a collection of The Conversation's most insightful essays from leading thinkers, explaining the potent forces that continue to shape our world - the winding back of abortion rights in the US, relations redefined in the Pacific, the UK Prime Minister forced to resign - and how those with the privilege of power don't always prevail.

Here is the inside guide to 2022's momentous events (not forgetting Shane Warne's sudden death, the wrapping up of Neighbours, and the rise of TikTok) written by the experts you can trust.

Contributors include:
Bronwyn Carlson
Jacob Deem
Prudence Flowers
Michelle Grattan
Matthew Horney
Peter Martin
Denis Muller
Kate Power
Chris Wallace
Hugh White
Zora Simic
Tim Soutphommasane
Paul Strangio
Ariadne Vromen