Title:   Cities, Climate Change, and Public Health: Building Human Resilience to Climate Change at the Local Level
Author:   Kim, Ella Jisun
Publisher:   Anthem Press
Binding:   Hardback
APN:   9781785273247 or ISBN(1785273248)
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An examination of climate adaptation planning that situates people's health and well-being front and centre.To date, climate adaptation has mostly focused on protecting physical assets from potentially catastrophic climatic changes. While the lack of human vulnerability and equity components in adaptation plans and policies has been critiqued by many, this has not yet led to climate adaptation planning and policymaking processes that situates people's health and well-being front and centre.This book examines how cities can use a public health frame of climate change to boost people's understanding of and concern about climate change and increase policy support for climate adaptation efforts at the local level. In addition, it aims to strengthen our understanding of different tools cities can use to operationalise a focus on the health implications of climate change, enhance collective decision-making capacities, and, ultimately, build human resilience to climate change.