Title:   Genius Loci: An Essay on the Meanings of Place
Author:   Hunt, John Dixon
Publisher:   Reaktion Books Ltd
Binding:   Hardback
APN:   9781789146080 or ISBN(1789146089)
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From literature to landscape architecture, an expansive, contemplative exploration of the significance of place.

For ancient Romans, genius loci was literally "the genius of the place," the presiding divinity who inhabited a site and gave it meaning. While we are less attuned to divinity today, we still sense that a place has significance. In this book, eminent garden historian John Dixon Hunt explores genius loci in many settings, including contemporary land art, the paintings of Paul and John Nash, travel writers such as Henry James, Paul Theroux, and Lawrence Durrell on Provence, Mexico, and Cyprus, and landscape architects who invent new meanings for a site. This book is a nuanced, thoughtful exploration of how places become more significant to us through the myriad ways we see, talk about, and remember them.