Title:   The Continental Affair
Author:   Mangan, Christine
Publisher:   Bedford Press
Binding:   Paperback
APN:   9781915798060 or ISBN(191579806X)
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With gorgeous prose, European glamour, and an expansive wanderlust, Christine Mangan's The Continental Affair is a fast-paced, Agatha Christie-esque caper packed full of romance and suspense.

Meet Henri and Louise. Two strangers, travelling alone, on the train from Belgrade to Istanbul. Except this isn't the first time they have met.

It's the 1960s and Louise is running. From her past in England, from the owners of the money she has stolen - and from Henri, the person who has been sent to collect it. Across the Continent - from Granada to Paris, from Belgrade to Istanbul - Henri follows, desperate to leave behind his own troubles. The memories of his past life as a gendarme in Algeria that keep resurfacing. His inability to reconcile the growing responsibilities of his current criminal path with this former self.

But Henri soon realises that Louise is no ordinary mark. As the train hurtles toward its final destination, Henri and Louise must decide what the future will hold - and whether it involves one another.

Praise for Christine Mangan:

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