Title:   Madjem Bambandila
Author:   Balla, Paola
Publisher:   Museum of Victoria
Binding:   Hardback
APN:   9781921833663 or ISBN(1921833661)
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Madjem Bambandila is a stunning celebration of the artistic and cultural practice of acclaimed Wergaia and Wemba Wemba artist Kelly Koumalatsos.

Co-written by Kelly Koumalatsos and Dr Paola Balla and featuring the voices of a broad range of artists, writers and cultural figures, Madjem Bambandila takes a unique community-based approach to storytelling.

The book takes the form of a possum cloak, stitching together conversations, essays, poems and personal reflections to create a volume that is warm and grounded in culture.

'This is blak storytelling at its deadliest!' - Dr Shannon Faulkhead

'Kelly's work is quintessentially south-eastern, and it beautifully represents the heart, strength and power of Koorie art as a continuing sovereign force.' - Dr Paola Balla