Title:   Grififith Review 67 Matters of Trust
Author:   Hay Ashley
Publisher:   Griffith Review
Binding:   Paperback
Edition:   2020
APN:   9781922268839 or ISBN(1922268836)
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Are we ready to embrace the personal and political dimensions of trust?

Griffith Review 67: Matters of Trust provides a fascinating and forensic examination of how we experience trust in our public and personal lives.

With new work from Anne Tiernan, David Ritter, Cameron Muir, Alex Miller, Sophie Overett, Omar Sakr, John Kinsella, Damon Young and many more, this timely edition of Griffith Review explores the implications and opportunities of a collapse in trust, from politics and diplomacy to the dynamics of the most intimate personal relationships. In asking how we can find connection in increasingly divided and disrupted spaces, Matters of Trust offers stories of transformation, epiphany and hope.