Title:   My First Book of Aussie Birds
Author:   Winch, Gordon
Publisher:   Catch a Star
APN:   9781922326461 or ISBN(1922326461)
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Age range 0 to 3

Discover lots of exciting Aussie birds in this bright and colourful children's board book. Perfect for reading aloud, children will delight in this magical menagerie of Aussie birds.

'Bright and colourful, lively and engaging, lift-the-flap board book My First Book of Aussie Birds contains a magical menagerie of unique native birds waiting to be discovered by little hands. Much-loved author Gordon Winch, known for his humorous Australiana books such as Can You Find Me? and Koala Sees the World, delights with a new book that invites babies and toddlers to carefully observe and evaluate textual and visual information...My First Book of Aussie Birds provides an enlightening interactive and sensory experience, beautifully introducing children from birth to three years to their first nonfiction narrative with our unique Australian wildlife.' Romi Sharp, Books+Publishing