Title:   Vintage Crochet
Author:   National Library of Australia
Publisher:   National Library Australia NLA
Binding:   Hardback
APN:   9781922507655 or ISBN(1922507652)
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Vintage Crochet builds on the success of Vintage Knits (2022) and features vintage patterns from Australian publications such as the Australian Womens Weekly and the Australian Womans Mirror. The book presents a curated selection of patterns from these publications from as early as 1888, tried and tested to suit the needs of the modern day crocheter. The book contains instructions for a variety of vintage garments, accessories, toys and homewares, including a flapper unisex waistcoat from 1928, a shopping bag from 1950 and a granny-square playsuit from 1970. Each pattern will be accompanied by illustrations from the original publication and modern photographs of the newly crochet piece.

The occasional text boxes trace social, cultural and historical threads connected to crochet such as the history of the granny square, finger crocheting, significant Australian patternmakers and more.

Tapping into the trend for everything vintage, as well as the handmade revolution and resurgence of crochet, this book will bring style and joy to any modern crocheter. Its going to be perfect as a Mothers Day gift, but also attractive to the younger crowd of crocheters.