Title:   Hear the Art
Author:   Tipping, Richard
Publisher:   Puncher & Wattman
Binding:   Paperback
APN:   9781922571076 or ISBN(1922571075)
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Hear the Art is the essential poetry-as-art collection, loaded with Richard Tipping's elegant, wry and telling concrete poems made as sculpture and as picture. He is fascinated by words found within words, and articulating their iterations.

Tipping works with poetic language in visual forms and physical media ranging from animated neon, slump glass, engraved marble and screenprint to large-scale public sculptures in steel, granite and electric lights. Typographic designs move off the page, becoming independent poem objects until -- while living in the artworld as things -- they are photographed, and return to the page. This book is full of realised ideas, a rich panoply of word art demanding to be seen, heard and remembered.