Title:   She is the Earth
Author:   Eckermann, Ali
Publisher:   Magabala Books
Binding:   Paperback
Edition:   2023
APN:   9781922613202 or ISBN(1922613207)
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**Winner, NSW Premier's Literary Awards 2024, Book of the Year**

**Winner, NSW Premier's Literary Awards 2024, Indigenous Writer's Prize**

She Is the Earth is the luminous new verse novel from celebrated poet Ali Cobby Eckermann. It charts a journey through grief and celebrates the healing power of Country. We follow Eckermann's soft footfalls in the open (but far from empty) spaces between earth and sky; from sandstone to wetlands, from plains to mountain ranges.

Eckermann's writing soars in this meditative and transformative piece. Soaked in lightness and dark, history and dreaming, her words will move you, shake you, devastate you and uplift you. This book is full of unexpected beauty in slow, contemplative moments. Read it to see the 'She' in and around all of us.

'To read She is the Earth is to hear the timeless voice of the living Earth herself.' - Gloria Steinem