Title:   Gurawul the Whale: An ancient story for our time
Author:   Harrison M
Publisher:   Magabala Books
Binding:   Hardback
Edition:   2023
APN:   9781922613899 or ISBN(1922613894)
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'When I was 10 years old, I was given Gurawul's story by my grandfather Muns...in the dirt...they made me promise to go to the southern land and search for the whale dreaming. I had no idea what it meant or that it would take me 70 years to keep it.' - Uncle Max Harrison

More than 70 years ago, the ancient legend of Gurawul the whale was passed down to Yuin Elder Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison by his grandfather and uncles. He promised them that one day he would travel to the southern land, Tasmania, and search for the whale dreaming of their Ancestors.

This exquisitely illustrated book tells the story of Uncle Max's journey to fulfil that promise, and how he eventually came face to face with Gurawul.

Filled with important cultural knowledge and personal stories, Uncle Max sadly died before Gurawul could be published, and his family are continuing his legacy to show how science is finally beginning to catch up with these 'old blackfella' stories.