Title:   The Ghost Squad
Publisher:   MidnightSun Publishing Pty
Binding:   Paperback
APN:   9781925227772 or ISBN(1925227774)
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Age range 12+Imagine a world where all seems normal and yet nothing is – a world very much like our own, yet jarringly unlike. A world where two clandestine organisations, the Ghost Squad and the Base, are engaged in a secret battle for control of information so dangerous it could literally change life as humans have always known it…A bold, exciting novel with thrilling twists and turns, The Ghost Squad is a novel that will keep readers guessing – and keep them awake at night!'Get set for a heart-stopping chase, a stunning near future world, and a desperate struggle to discover the truth about life, death and what comes next.' – Alison Goodman, author of the bestselling Dark Days series'An action thriller that grapples with the biggest mystery of all: life after death.' – Michael Pryor, author of The Laws of Magic'a dynamic and exciting thriller with smart, relatable characters...should appeal to fans of Stranger Things and readers of John Marsden's 'Tomorrow' books.' – Books+Publishing