Title:   The Good Captain
Author:   Rabin, Sean
Publisher:   Transit Lounge Publishing
Binding:   Paperback
Edition:   2022
APN:   9781925760934 or ISBN(1925760936)
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Set in the near future during a time of plummeting fish stocks, toxic algae blooms and jellyfish swarms The Good Captain follows a group of radical environmentalists committed to a mission of extreme civil disobedience against the powers threatening to destroy the last of the worlds marine life.

Led by the wild Rena born and raised by the ocean the characterful crew engages in a high seas drama that contains all the thrill of a cat-and-mouse seafaring classic, while at the same time offering a timely warning for the political classes that their negligence will not go unpunished.

Evoking a disturbing vision of what the world that might soon become random, dangerous, surprising and sometimes even miraculous The Good Captain is a gripping, confronting and truly unique novel.

If you care about the ocean, about extinction, about deforestation youll find yourself immersed in this novel. With originality and wit, Sean Rabin asks how far is too far? when youre fighting to save the planet. Jane Rawson, author of The History of Dreams and From the Wreck