Title:   Korean Language Education Australian Practices & Perspectives
Author:   Shin Seong-Chul
Publisher:   Seoul Selection
Binding:   Paperback
Edition:   2018
APN:   9791186453513 or ISBN(Unavailable)
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This book, Korean Language Education: Australian Practices and Perspectives, deals with Korean language education in Australian schools and universities throughout the past twenty-five plus years. The book investigates and examines various aspects of Korean language education with a focus on Australian language policies, curriculum and course provision, participation, pedagogical practices and issues, teacher training, teaching and learning resources, learner preferences and perceptions. Providing baseline information and presenting an updated analysis of issues as well as proposing directional strategies, Korean Language Education: Australian Practices and Perspectives is a useful reference not only for researchers and research students working in the field but also for stakeholders (policy-makers, education systems, program authorities, educators, teachers, pre-service teachers, professional associations, parents and students) as we continue to work together towards practices and programs that result in more students engaging with Korean in Australian schools and universities and beyond.