Title:   Casio FX100AU Plus Calculator 2nd Edition
Author:   FX100AUPL2ND-BP
Publisher:   Casio
APN:   9990000186181 or ISBN(Unavailable)
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Casio FX100AU PLUSII 2nd Edition is the latest release premium Scientific calculator for the Australian Education system. Can perform over 300 functions. It has a large, clear, dual line display. Suitable for use by students from years 7 and up.

Additional functionlity over the FX-82AU plus II:
  • Calculatinf Probabilities - Normal Distribution
  • Complex Number
  • Vector Calculations

  • Various calculations with complex numbers
  • 40 different unit conversions
  • Normal distribution calculations
  • Calculations in various bases, including converting between bases
  • Conversion to polar co-ordinates from rectangular and vice versa

  • Random Integer functions
  • Multiple intuitive ways to enter fractions
  • List-Based data entry for statistics
  • Natural textbook display
  • Combinations and permutations
  • Coordinate conversion
  • Exponential regression of the form abx
  • Multi-replay
  • Large, easy-to-read dual-line display
  • Calculation of the median and quartiles
  • Greatest common divisor and lowest common multiple
  • Verification of equalities and inequalities
  • Prime factorisation