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As a UNSW Law Alumnus you are entitled to the same 10% discount on books that you enjoyed as a student, at the campus store or online. The bookshop has wide range of academic and professional books and a comprehensive range of general books including fiction, classics, cooking and biography. We carry over 20,000 titles in stock, but if thereís a book youíre looking for and you canít find it, contact us and we will be happy to order it in for you.

Recently released -

The Criminal Law in Trial and Discourse
Tyrone Kirchengast

Draws from wide-ranging developments in criminal justice policy from the UK, Australia, Canada and the United States, and makes its case by selective use of the rise of human rights discourse under the European Convention on Human Rights, victim rights, control orders and preventative law, terrorism, domestic law and order, policing, changes to the law of evidence, and issues in sentencing and punishment..  ....more

Australian Evidence - 5th Edition - A Principled Approach to the Common Law and the Uniform Acts
Gary Edmond & Andrew Ligertwood

An authoritative source for those undertaking study or work in Australian evidence law. This book presents an organised approach to the Australian law of evidence by explaining the operative rules from the perspective of the various underlying and unifying principles. The two most significant developments since the previous edition are ....more

Climate Change and Displacement
Jane McAdam

Environmental migration is not new. Nevertheless, the events and processes accompanying global climate change threaten to increase human movement both within states and across international borders. The Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change has predicted an increased frequency and severity of climate events such as storms, cyclones and hurricanes, as well as l ....more

The Future of International Environmental Law
David Leary and Balakrishna Pisupati

...examines the successes & the failures of international environmental law, arguing that future responses to global environmental crises will be more about good environmental governance than just more treaties & laws. In Future, environmental governance will need to accommodate the needs & aspirations of peoples from  ....more

Property & Security - Selected Essays
Lyria Bennett Moses, Brendan Edgeworth, Cathleen Sherry

The link between the terms "property" and "security" raises both timeless, and timely, questions as to the relationship between these two concepts. Timeless, because security has always been seen as a core element of the institution of property; and timely, because exploring the ways in which property and security are related is more relevant than ever, at the end of a year when the   ....more


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