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Author Title
Fabian D Expressivenes in Music Performance
Fabian D A Musicology of Performance
Fabian & Napier Diversity in Australias Music Themes Past Present & for the Future
Faulconbridge & Ryan Engineering A System
Faulkner P Young and Free
Faulkner J Critical Childhood Studies and the Practice of Interdisciplinarity
Faulkner J Dead Letters to Nietzsche
Faulkner J The Importance of Being Innocent
Fell R Geotechnical Engineering of Dams
Fell R Geotechnical Engineering of Embankment Dams
Fell R Geotechnical Management of Waste & Contamination
Fenner F Running the City
Ferguson B Health Care & Immigrants
Ferguson B & PITTAWAY E Nobody Wants to Talk About It
FergusonL ET AL Meanings and Messages - Language Guidelines for Museum Exhibition
Fernandes C Island Off the Coast of Asia
Fernandes C What Uncle Sam Wants
FERNANDEZ & HUBER Irony in Action
FERRUCCI P Gifts of Parenting
FERRY M Direct Strip Casting of Metals & Alloys
Fileborn & Loney-Howes MeToo and the Politics of Social Change
FISCHER & Helmi The Enemy at Home
FISHER R & EMMERTON Making Tax Laws Work For You
FITZGERALD S Is Australia an Asian Country?
FLETCHER C Computational Techniques for Fluid Dynamics Vol 1
Fleet Romano & Ciani Yeasts in the Production of wine
FLAMBAUM V How to Make a Big Bang -A Cosmic Journey
FORD L Rage for Order - The British Empire and the Origins of International Law
FORD L Settler Sovereignty
FORDE K Taxation Health Insurance - Research Study #20
FORDE K & Beelaerts Understanding Unit Trusts
FORDE K & Beelaerts Understanding Investments
Forgas J Social Psychology and Politics
Forgas J The Social Psychology of Morality
Forgas & Baumeister The Social Psychology of Living Well
FORGAS J P Feeling & Thinking - The role of Affect in Social Cognition
FORGAS J Social Motivation - Conscious and Unconscious Processes
FORGAS J Social Thinking and Interpersonal Behavior
FORTESCUE S Policy-Making for Russian Industry
FOSTER G An Economic Theory of Greed Love Groups and Networks
Foster G Biophysical Measurement in Experimental social Science Research Theory and Practice
FOSTER S Prestressed Concrete
Fox B & Churchill Et Ak Mobile Learning Design Theories and Application 2016
Fox B & Ng Nakano Reforming Learning and Teaching in Asia-Pacific Universities
Frame & Palazzo On Ops Lessons for the Australia Army Since East Timor
Frame T Trials and Transformations 2001-2004
Frame T Moral Injury Suffering Moral Injury in and Age of Barbarism
Frame T Widening Minds
Frame T ANZAC Day Then & Now
Frame T Gun control What Australia got Right (AND WRONG)
Frame T The Long Road
Frances R Politics of Work - Gender & Labour in Victoria 1880-1939
Frances & Scates Women at Work in Australia
Francis-Jones ET AL Content 2-01 Groundplane
Franklin J An Aristotelian Realist Philosophy of Mathematics
Franklin J Catholic Values & Australian Realities
Franklin J Corrupting the Youth - A History of Philosophy in Australia
Franklin J Life to the Full
Franklin J Science of Conjecture - Evidence & Probability Before Pascal
Franklin J & Daoud A Proof in Mathematics - An Introduction
Franklin J What Science Knows and How It Know It
Freedman C In Search of the Two-Handed Economist
Freestone Davidson & Hu Designing the Global City
Freestone R Designing Australia's Cities
Freestone & Hamnett Planning Metropolitian Australia
Freestone Silver & Demaziere Dialogues in Urban and Regional Planning 6
Freestone R Exhibitions and the Development of Modern Planning Culture
Freestone R Florence Taylor's Hats
Freestone R & Tewdyr-Jones The Planning Imagination
Freestone R Spirited Cities
FREESTONE & RANDOLPH (eds) Talking about Sydney
FREESTONE R Urban Nation - Australia's Planning Heritage
FREESTONE R Urban Planning in a Changing World
FRENKEL S On the Front Line
FRENKEL S Union Strategy & Industrial Change
FRENKEL S Organized Labor in the Asia Pacific Region
FRENKEL S Industrialisation & Labour Relations
FROMKIN BLAIR & COLLINS Introduction to Language